About Us

Welcome to The Point Retreats!  At The Point, we aim to provide a space and experience where you can relax, restore, and learn more. We know our bodies have an innate ability to heal and our lifestyle plays an important role in the prevention of many of the chronic diseases that plague our world today. Our entire The Point Retreats team wants to give you the tools and information to live the healthiest version of you now and always!

Our Mission

To Provide an inspiring experience that points people to their true health potential.

The Point Retreats at Loon Point

Loon Point is situated roughly 30 minutes outside Brainerd, Minnesota and just a few miles outside Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. The property is situated on roughly 1500 feet of shore front spanning 3 lakes on the WhiteFish chain of lakes.

There are 3 luxury log homes on the property each facing a different lake. The area is known for its beautiful north woods scenery, year round lake and woods activities - boating, fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, snowshoeing, and so many more...

At The Point retreats you will be immersed in Lifestyle medicine practices that promote optimal health for each of us. Our core team consists of nurses, holistic strength coaches, personal trainers, culinary chef, yoga/meditation teacher, and health and wellness coaches. We will also have key note speakers who come from a wide variety of medical specialties.

The inspiration for our retreats is to honor, respect, and carry on the legacy of my parents, who were two of the kindest, most giving, and compassionate people. In 1986, they purchased the Loon Point estate to provide a place where memories could be made for family and friends. 

Unfortunately, the last decade of my parent’s life was plagued by chronic disease, frequent surgeries, and repeated hospitalizations.

Sadly, in 2016, we lost our dad too many debilitating acute and chronic diseases at the young age of 73. Far too early for such a wonderful man, but the life he lead was full and the legacy he left profound. 

Our mom showed signs of memory impairment in her early 60's and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her mid-sixties. We now do all we can to delay the progression of her devastating disease.

During the past decade of managing our parents complicated chronic illnesses, we realized how conventional medicine offered moments of hope during acute illness, but often failed when it came to managing chronic illness. We also realized how lifestyle choices played a role in the development of our parent’s chronic diseases at an early age. This is when my sisters and I turned to Functional and Lifestyle medicine to better understand the emerging science behind the root cause of chronic disease and how we have power to control our individual genetic destiny.  My sisters and I understand we have a  genetic risk for developing Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and more, however, we also understand how Lifestyle medicine can help deter those chronic disease genes from turning on and how Functional medicine will allow us to live a healthier and happier second half of life.

My sisters and I now aim to carry on the legacy of our parents, by giving back what we know how to give - a beautiful space where one can heal and find optimal health. This is our generation’s promise and our hope for the next generation - giving the gift of health at The Point Retreats. 

Meet our Staff

We have an amazing group of individuals who are dedicated to better health through a personalized approach to care.  With a wide range of skills and knowledge, we are ready to serve you and guide you to a better and healthier future.

Christa Rymal

Owner and Co-Founder

Jennifer Martin

Director and Co-Founder

Katie Bjornson

Strength and Performance Coach


Strength and Performance Coach

Lisa Somerville

Health & Wellness Coach/Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Chef Jeremy

Renowned Chef/Culinary Educator

Lisa TerHaar

Medical Director of Nursing Services