The Point Nurses

Christa Rymal

Jennifer Martin

Our Professional Manifesto ~ Soft Front, Strong Back, Wild Heart.

Combined; Jen and I have over 45 years of experience in healthcare and nursing and have been good friends and colleagues for 20+ years. 
Professionally, our soft front has brought us to the room of a dying patient to hold their hand, allowed us to comfort someone with a new debilitating diagnosis, and stand beside a person to say a prayer of hope in times of illness and injury.

Our strong back has enabled us to pick people up off the floor when they have fallen, stop at the side of a busy road to save a breathless body ravaged in a car wreck, perform some of the most invasive medical interventions, and relentlessly and tirelessly fight for patient rights in our broken healthcare system.
Our wild heart has found us standing in the hospital hallway to loudly cheer a patient on as they take their first steps after weeks in bed, fly all over the world to attend the most cutting edge continuing medical education conferences, be leaders and change agents in our health care systems, and have the wild heart to start something inspiring, impactful, and innovative at The Point Retreats. 

Our promise to you is to approach your care with a soft empathy, strong knowledge base, and be wildly passionate about your health.