Did you know nurses are more trusted by the public than any other profession, even physicians? This has been the case in survey after survey for years. I myself have a dozen nursing colleagues who I would trust with my life and someday likely will. I have been a nurse for roughly 20 years in a variety of patient care areas and I have spent the last decade focused on healthcare leadership and administrative roles. Most recently, with my strengths as a futuristic and visionary thinker, I have turned into a health entrepreneur! Being a nurse myself, what advice do I give when I am presenting in the community? Given my years spent in the Diabetes and Endocrinology specialty, you bet blood sugars are hot and common topic during my talks. I have shared some interesting continuous glucose monitor (CGM) results that reflect that impact that lifestyle has on our blood sugars. I have also shared CGM case studies that show all the complex components that are involved while managing diabetes. I have quite a bit of insight on a number of health-related topics, however, they're not always needles, tubes, or bandages:  

Corporate Partnerships

This summer I shared a presentation on CGM’s at the Self-Esteem Brand headquarters. Self-Esteem Brands owns Anytime Fitness, which is the largest global fitness franchise on all 7 continents. They have a CEO at the helm who holds great visions around improving global health and wellness.  My kind of nursing fun is when I get to educate those in the preventive health field about new information and technology being used in medicine that could (ok, actually should) also be used in the preventative health space! IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0007.jpgIMG_0005 2.jpg  

Industry Experts

I also spent some time with a group of extremely smart and talented engineers this summer.  This group of bright medical-device game changers are currently moving into clinical trials to test a new endoscopic procedure that would temporarily eliminate the need for medication for most with type 2 diabetes. What did I bring to the table here? A dose of street smarts on what it really means to manage diabetes, and a little book smarts as they create protocols around who would make a good candidate for their study. I love it when I see lightbulbs go off amongst a group of medical inventors as ideas and information are shared.  

Collegiate Courses

Last but not least, I recently had the privilege of presenting to the U of M medical students last week. Are you wondering what a nurse can share with a future doctor? A whole lot when it comes to lifestyle medicine and personal wellness. Stethoscopes don’t save or shield anyone (even a doctor) from becoming a patient. During a physicians professional career, they will constantly be asked to do more and give more- which can leave one feeling like they should be more. Wellness and self-care is a physicians shield to protect them from the constant demands and strains of their profession. You can’t help anyone if you are serving from an empty cup. I worked to help this group of future doctors at the U of M to write their own self-care prescription with action steps to improve their sleep, movement, nutrition, and restoration. These driven and bright medical students left understanding the hardest patient they will care for may not be the one laying in front of them but the one laying healing hands on others. Often times, doctors themselves will be the most challenging person they care for during their career. As we see rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide climb in our healthcare providers, it’s  critical for a healthcare professionals to make wellness a verb, not a noun, and take action to care for self. IMG_4283.JPG  

Coming Soon

Next presentation destination? Stay tuned- this nurse has some big ideas, and bigger things already in the works! You can trust this nurse when I say: you won’t want to miss out on what we have planned to present ahead. IMG_0011.jpg   Christa Rymal The Point Retreats Owner and Co-Founder www.thepointretreats.com
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