In a country with wide-reaching levels of depression, poor lifestyle choices are often to blame. The good news is that with minimal effort, and very small tweaks to one’s routine, almost anyone can transform their emotional wellbeing. Here are six simple ideas to try. 

Cultivate more face-to-face relationships

Ironically, as the working world embraces the idea of the open-plan office and single-occupancy rooms become less common, we’re becoming more and more antisocial. Email dominates; social media looms large and face-to-face conversations fall by the wayside. Rekindle the simple joy of having a conversation with someone and make this a habit you keep.

Change your diet

It’s a cliché, but we are what we eat. Are you one of the millions of Americans eating too much sugar? Sugar isn’t only found in soda or chocolate, but in a great many foods posing as “healthy” options. (Think yogurt, granola, sports drinks, fruit juices.) Are you eating a lot of processed food? Perhaps you’d be well advised to look up two or three recipes and practice cooking these dishes at home. Watching your diet can have a dramatic effect on the way you feel every day.

Get outside more

Getting outside in contemporary society is becoming more and more of a rarity. We commute in cars or on trains, we spend our working life indoors, and we overlook opportunities to appreciate nature. That’s a shame, because there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that simply getting outside can do wonders for our mood.

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Keep social media to a minimum 

If you have to be on it for work, or you want to keep in touch with friends and family, check your social media in the morning and the evening and leave it at that. Too many of us idly scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the expense of doing something productive. 

Make no mistake: our social feed is a time killer and a proven trigger for feelings of inferiority. More than anything, it eats up a staggering amount of time…

…Time you can spend mastering self-improvement

Many of us are guilty of opening our email first thing in the morning. Why?

Your mornings should set you up for the rest of the day. Whether that’s going outside for a run, eating a wholesome breakfast, meditating, or all three, start your day by making it about you. You’ll soon realize that the world isn’t going to stop spinning just because you left an email unanswered.

Stay off your phone at night

Staring at a bright screen after dark, and especially right before bed, is a surefire way of giving yourself a bad night’s rest. Reports suggest that our phones disrupt our body’s natural sleep clock – our circadian rhythm – and keep us tossing and turning at night.

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Written by The Point

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