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FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS INTERVIEW ON COVID-19   In response to Covid-19 The Point team has reached out to several medical-professional allies, all on the frontline of patient care during this pandemic, in order to capture and record up-to-date information for anyone feeling in the dark, confused, or overwhelmed over the state of our health. During this time of social distancing our team will be posting mini virtual-interviews of us and selected... READ MORE

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What Is Functional Medicine? Functional medicine is an approach to looking at the nature of chronic diseases. This biology-based model sees your body as an integrated system, not just an assembly of different organs. This approach also recognizes that all of us are biochemically and genetically unique. Thus, functional medicine seeks to identify the underlying cause of a disease and design a personalized care for each patient. Functional Medicine: A... READ MORE

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Up until very recently, bacterial and viral-based diseases were the biggest health risks to the human population. But while the miracles of modern medicine have made the world a much safer place on one level, the modern lifestyle has created a new crisis of epic proportions. From diabetes and heart disease at all-time highs to depression now becoming the number one cause of disability in the world, chronic diseases that... READ MORE

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In a country with wide-reaching levels of depression, poor lifestyle choices are often to blame. The good news is that with minimal effort, and very small tweaks to one’s routine, almost anyone can transform their emotional wellbeing. Here are six simple ideas to try.  Cultivate more face-to-face relationships Ironically, as the working world embraces the idea of the open-plan office and single-occupancy rooms become less common, we’re becoming more and... READ MORE

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Stop me if you have heard this one before…. ….at the gym, Bob starts talking to you about this great new keto diet he is doing. “Yeah bro, it is SICK! I can eat as much fat as I want and some protein. I am destroying pounds of bacon, sirloin, whole eggs and coconut oil by the gallons.” At first blush, that sounds fun for awhile. Then as Bob yammers... READ MORE

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The Point focuses on Four Pillars to improve the mental and physical health of guests. If you're familiar with the concept of Blue Zones, then you may see some commonalities between Blue Zones and the The Point's Four Pillars of optimal health. Let us show you how the Point Retreat's Four Pillars to health and the features of the Blue Zones do have quite a bit in common. What is... READ MORE

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Many Americans lead lifestyles that contribute to a variety of long-term health conditions. Nearly 37 percent of adults are obese, while 9.4 percent live with diabetes, and heart disease accounts for one in every four deaths. These facts alone show us the need for better, healthier ways to live our lives. Our team at The Point sees a solution to this by focusing on four pillars - pillars that provide... READ MORE