Upon early arrival, our Fire and Ice Retreat Team gets ready to welcome our guests by stocking fridges, prepping rooms, filling SWAG Bags (thank you to Dry Farm Wines, Chomps, Real Salt, and Grassland Nutrition), and by having some time to connect and feel the excitement together. By end of day we're ready to feel the burn and embrace the cold!


Our first day of Fire and Ice wrapped up and was fire! In less than an hour our visiting guests were out on the ice (they amaze us!)- later to be wowed by a community welcome-dinner impressively handcrafted by Chef Nic. Alongside mind blowing education and intention setting, simply saying we were excited for the rest of the retreat wouldn't have been doing Day 1 justice.


Day 2 of Fire and Ice finished and our team was still reeling from the face plunges, Fat Tire biking, bulletproof coffee, group fitness, ceremony, grand visit from The Sioux Chef, and a family-like evening of wine and laughter. (Also the morning sunrise, breath-work, education, snowshoeing, art, massage, reiki, and red light therapy not pictured!) We love our guests for rallying - they were ready to play since the minute they arrived.

Everything during our retreat thus far had inched us up to the big polar plunge of Day 3 - no slowing down!

The Point and our Fire and Ice guests were honored to have Chef Sean Sherman join us yesterday evening for one of our most memorable meals: a multi-course experience of indigenous foods from five regions of North America. Thank you to The Sioux Chef for educating us on the history and values behind the cuisine you use to spread your mission. For Chef Sean's time here, we are forever grateful. 

Learn more about The Sioux Chef and their non-profit here:


Day 3 of Fire and Ice featured our renowned polar plunge! Previewed by Wim Hoff Breath-work courses and guided warm-up. Followed by infrared saunas (thank you to Creatrix Solutions), 5-star cuisine, art, and red-light podcasts by the fire. Below is a tribute to just a few of the brave, life-loving, health enthusiasts. We love them all!


Time flew, and we ended our retreat with another incredible gym workout followed by an unforgettable cacao ceremony and breath-work course. Thank you for a time we will never forget!


Fire and Ice 2021 is live for registration- don't miss getting together with this incredible group next year! Here's to staying braving the cold with a warm community!

Below, a note from our Founder and Co-Owner, Christa Rymal

This arrowhead represents movement. I have wrapped it around my neck before every retreat since The Point was launched. Literally or figuratively, I watch people experience inward and outward movement at The Point. For years, everyday before work I would wrap a stethoscope around my neck. Symbolic of my role to be someone who aimed to heal others. And then, I found this arrowhead necklace the day before our first retreat just a few years ago and it only felt natural to wrap this symbol around my neck. It’s a symbol of a shift in direction to an improved state of health and well-being, Often far more healing than the stethoscope I once wore. As our Fire and Ice retreat tribe said goodbye to one another today, we were moved to tears. Tears that represent healing, restoration, joy and gratitude. Tears that I hope will point those who leave in a new and better direction. After saying the last goodbye, I sit quietly to absorb the silence that falls over The Point. I take a few moments to reflect on all who chose to move their health and lives at The Point this weekend. Choosing to come here is making a point that you are choosing a new direction of some sort. And, I am always honored an arrow pointed you to our peninsula. Every retreat and each guest moves me in some profound way, and I always hold onto a piece of the moments that moves others. I wear it around my neck and I hold each guest close to my heart.

- Christa Rymal, Founder/CEO & Co-Owner

Written by jamie.p


Rochelle January 20, 2023 at 11:38 am

I have had the honor and privilege to attend multiple retreats at the Point. Fire & Ice is one of my favorites! I absolutely love the way Christa & team as well as guests all honor the land and tie it into everything they do. There is a very natural marriage between the content shared, the activities and food provided to this magical place. There is time to connect, time to turn inward and time to relax and absorb. Every time I leave I feel refreshed with new optimism and excitement to face life’s challenges. the Point has become a pivotal part of my healing journey. No matter what your goals, this place and the wonderful team of people you will come in contact with are a truly healing.

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