Up until very recently, bacterial and viral-based diseases were the biggest health risks to the human population. But while the miracles of modern medicine have made the world a much safer place on one level, the modern lifestyle has created a new crisis of epic proportions. From diabetes and heart disease at all-time highs to depression now becoming the number one cause of disability in the world, chronic diseases that have nothing to do with foreign pathogens and much to do with how we live are the new plagues of humanity. How did this happen? And even more important, how do we turn this around and improve health factors for everyone?

What Exactly Is Chronic Disease?

Chronic disease refers to conditions that can be treated at the symptomatic level but have underlying causes that continue to be problematic, often for the lifetime of the patient. Most, if not all, chronic disease have strong links to the way we actually live: our diet, the amount of exercise we get, the amount of stress we have, our sleep quality, and even the communities we live in. This places much of the treatment of chronic disease out of the reach of modern medicine, which is excellent at what it does, but simply cannot be expected to change people's lifestyles through medication or surgery.

The Rise of the Functional Medicine Retreat

Because of the growing need for treatment options for chronic illnesses, a new field of medicine called functional medicine was born. Utilizing immersive functional and lifestyle medicine retreats designed to not just alter but reboot many of the lifestyle factors that contribute to chronic illnesses, functional medicine retreats attempt to improve habits and lifestyle patterns. Tapping into a diverse and complementary array of different healthcare professionals, including doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, holistic practitioners, culinary educators, yoga/meditation teachers, personal trainers and health and wellness coaches, our functional medicine retreats here at The Point offers guests a complete lifestyle makeover aimed at preventing, reversing and eliminating many chronic diseases.

How Our Lifestyle Medicine Retreats Work

While still incorporating important aspects of modern medicine, like continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes, our health and wellness retreats differ from others in that we attempt to help you make lasting changes in your lifestyle that will continue to serve you long after you have left. This kind of functional and lifestyle medicine retreat is more than just a passive vacation where you sit back and get pampered, although you will love our attention to detail and your accommodations. What's really going to happen is that you will actively learn useful skills, such as proper movement, ingredient selection and food preparation to use in a myriad of ways to be much more active in your daily routine without changing your job or living situation. As you learn to take charge of your own health, you will feel the difference right away, and that feeling is what is going to motivate you to keep it up for the rest of your life.

Unique and Custom Lifestyle Retreats

Because everyone's state of health is different, our health and wellness retreats are tailor-made with you in mind. We can design the perfect retreat for any person or group of professionals. We can give you the tools and education to improve your overall health and improve many specific chronic conditions. Information that will be valuable during your time with us at The Point retreats and as you return to the real world. In short, that's what our functional medicine retreats are really all about: empowering you to eliminate and change lifestyle factors which contribute to chronic disease so that you get the most out of your life.

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Hi. are you offering Retreats right now? And if not do you know places that are? I’m in Washington State

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