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We have not been open to treating sanitation and cleanliness practices loosely at The Point. With a large client base in the medical practice, and in an effort to be incredibly conscientious of our entire visitor demographic, we've bulked up our cleaning practices to ensure our visitors don't find themselves wondering "are they actually being careful?".

As we will soon launch our 2021 retreats, we would like to reconfirm with our audience that, The Point will carefully adhere to CDC and MDH COVID guidelines. Additionally, and based on community spread, there is a possibility that The Point will require an at-home COVID test prior to attendance. If implemented, The Point will provide and pay for this testing. If you have any questions, or feedback regarding this potential, please contact us directly at [email protected].

Whether you are renting the space privately, or attending an upcoming retreat, we continuously conduct the extensive cleaning procedures shared in today's newsletter. Your mind can feel at ease, and your body restore, when you don't have an added stressor of safety. Our goal is to make your journey to health a bit easier.  

Christa Rymal
Founder & CEO



Cleaning Procedures:

Christa, founder of The Point, is a nurse and former hospital administrator who no longer works in patient care. With her education and experience working in hospital and clinic settings for 20 years, our leadership has become very familiar with infectious diseases precautions around airborne, droplet, and contact contagions. Christa has been leading our cleaning initiatives and protocols with our cleaning staff and while this continues we will also be following all the guidelines set and updated by CDC and MDH.  Below is what we'll promise:
  1. UV & Ozone sanitation lights run between all private group rentals (in gyms, bedrooms, and bathrooms).
  2. Hospital grade disinfectant spray and wipes.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available in all cabins.
  4. Gloves, face shields, and masks have been provided to our cleaning crew.
  5. Sheets will be laundering in high temperatures
  6. We will be rotating multiple sets of clean sheets, so no clean sheets or pillow cases are used back to back (there will be a minimum of 1 week where sheets will be laundered and in a bag before being used for the next guest).
  7. Given we have 3 separate cabins, it becomes much easier for your groups to maintain the distance they desire.
  8. We also have many outdoor gathering spaces, which research has shown carries very low risk of transmitting the COVID virus, along with most viruses.
  9. We have multiple spaces for indoor dining to safely spread out as we eat. 

+We may do more cleaning than the above, yet these are some additional steps we want to make note of to ease your mind. If it's good enough for your clinic it's good enough for us.

Bonus: We have had an Infection Disease Doctor visit our location since the pandemic, and are proud to have been applauded by her for our efforts. 

The Point Team
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