We thrived as we talked about ways to survive the Jungle of Medicine:

We have retreats for those starting their health and wellness journey, we have retreats for the advancing health enthusiast, and we have retreats for healthcare professionals who lead others to health. Last month we gathered an incredible group of healthcare professionals amongst the crisp fall air and amber colored fall leaves to talk about what it means to survive the jungle of medicine with strength and resilience.  



From the outside in, it would seem that those inside healthcare walls possess the most information about health and knowledge around disease prevention. From the inside looking out, it’s not uncommon for healthcare professionals to feel like they are making a trek alone through a jungle no one prepared them to survive. As a nurse myself, I can say, When patients need us, we quickly drop everything, including ourselves, our families and our own health to save others from pain, sickness and death. This can and does take a toll. Healthcare professionals always strive to save and serve others, but who is advocating for them to save themselves? At The Point, we are doing just this.


When we host retreats for healthcare professionals, we are honoring and caring for those that care for others. Last weekend, we enhanced the strength and resilience of a group of healthcare professionals by giving them time to take a deep breath. We practiced filling our own cups by doing Tai Chi by the lake, waking to the gentle sunrise holding a warm cup of coffee, putting stress and tension in the hands of a massage therapist to unwind and heal, and by nurturing movement in the gym while expert trainers guided to build strength.




We cannot forget how much we could indulge in culinary experiences with enjoyment and never guilt. Lead by our Chef Jeremy that fed not only our body but also our mind and soul.




In between the many moments of caring for self, our group of healthcare professionals learned more from our expert speakers about nutrition from Dr. Ben House, Personal Resilience with Dr. Maryann Mugo, and Circadian Biology with Thaddeus Owen.




Most importantly, conversations flowed by the crackle of the fire, laughter erupted at the dinner table, and a new community formed that will last the lifespan of those dedicating their lives to yours.




We were so grateful to have had the experience we did. Give back to yourself by booking a space during one of our upcoming retreats. We have retreats for the new health seeker, Adventurous health enthusiast, and healthcare professionals! And, in the near future, there will be even more options to make The Point your new health and wellness retreat and vacation destination! The 2020 schedule is available here.


We cannot wait for you to join us, 

The Point



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