In response to Covid-19 and during this time of #socialseparation our Point team will be posting mini virtual-interviews of us and selected medical professionals so that everyone has access to the knowledge that those up-close to the pandemic have. We have chosen to source a wide variety of healthcare experts (doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, psychologists, and more) to help provide diverse wellness information and novel perspective based on each provider's speciality. #preventionduringapandemic

Our mission is to empower our communities to be well now, and in the future. Join us in this journey to feel confident in our health, empathize with those at risk, and respond to fear responsibly.

Together, let’s empower one another and control what we can! #realizeyourpower


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Family Medicine | Frontline Health Professional | Dr. Kristin Lockhart

"People are making sacrifices. Parents are staying home from work with their kids and trying to work from home with their kids. It's a huge sacrifice. People are not going on their trips and avoiding eating out. And, canceling weddings - big things like that everyone is making sacrifices and I am so in awe and inspired by our community as we're coming together like this. I want to thank people for making sacrifices"..."We are going to get through this because of the great response we are seeing from people." 
- Dr. Kristin Lockhart, Family Medicine

Dr. Kristin Lockhart, with her breadth of experience in family medicine, shares less talked about information regarding the implications, symptoms, and needs for not only those at risk but for every life stage during this pandemic- including prenatal care.  Recorded just one day following a newborn delivery, Dr. Lockhart offers a unique set of knowledge about what measures are being taken to protect expecting mothers, delivering mothers, and newborns/new mothers. She shares our hospitals' plans of action if mom is showing symptoms or is confirmed to have Coronavirus. 
Family Medicine | Frontline Health Professional | Dr. Kristin Lockhart
Hospitalist | Frontline Health Professional | Dr. Pete Melchert

"We're going to go to work for you; so you stay home for us. By staying home, you can limit the spread; you can help to save the community and the healthcare system." - Dr. Pete Melchert, Hospitalist

"(Tests) have been a problem since the beginning of this whole crisis"..."Since it's (COVID-19 testing) moved to private companies, the number of tests we have has increased, but the backlog seems to have gotten worse. The results are now taking about 5 days to get results (up from 72 hours). We have a large number of patients who are sitting there sick, but don't know the results yet. And, many of those people are getting better and going home before they even know the result." - Dr. Pete Melchert, Hospitalist 

Dr. Pete Melchert is an Internal Medicine & Pediatric Hospitalist based in the Minneapolis Metro Area (MN, USA) who has graciously given his COVID-19 wisdom and limited time to us today. Dr. Pete Melchert offers his medical service daily for distressing cases, including extreme times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic we're facing as a global community. Dr. Pete not only jumps between three hospitals in the Twin Cities (MN, USA), serving pediatric and adult populations, but also spends personal time purposely providing medical care in other countries where it's lacking. 

With Dr. Pete Melchert's speciality and international-reach, this video gives incredible perspective on not only the local consequences of the spreading virus, but also the global impact we're seeing. In this less than 1 hour feature, Dr. Pete Melchert also digs into some of the COVID-19 medical formalities; for those who have been following the pandemic closely, he will touch on the airway distress occurring with the disease, potential treatments, pathophysiology of the disease, PPE's, test kits, and more.  
Hospitalist | Frontline Health Professional | Dr. Pete Melchert

Geriatric NP | Frontline Health Professional | Lisa TerHaar

Our own Director of Professional Services, Lisa TerHaar, is a Geriatric NP and a cancer survivor: Today she offers us important perspective on how someone in notable at-risk groups may boost their immunity. Lisa has done innumerable labs and a deep dive into her own markers, so some ideas may not apply to you exactly; however, whether you are in a high risk group or not they're all suggestions worth trying:
1) Manage Stress (something Lisa feels played a large role in her cancer development in the past)
  - Mindfulness
  - Begin the Day with a Spiritual Practice, for a Positive Mindset
  - Exercise
  - Limit how much news taken in, as well as how you're taking in media (Social Media vs. TV vs. Written Articles)
2) Sleep
3) Antioxidants
  - Vitamin C  
 -  Zinc
4) Whole Food Diet, Plant Based Diet
5) Sauna Regularly for Detox
6) Gargling with Salt & Lemon Water (Keeping your mucous membranes clean and hydrated so there is less susceptibility.) 
7) Disinfect Services (Bleach + Water Dilution) 
8) #socialdistancing

Lisa TerHaar is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, and the Director of Professional Services at The Point Retreats. Not only an incredible member of our team, but also a sister to our founder, Christa Rymal. Lisa had worked as a nurse for many years, and more recently as a nurse practitioner. Her past career has focused on subacute care, and primary care. She also has more recent education in functional medicine as well as experience working at Minnesota Personalized Medicine with a great integrative medicine team. Now she's proudly a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Nona's Intergenerational Montessori- providing care for children 0-6 and also programing for elders - bringing generations together. #integrativehealth 
We have some heavy and important topics within this interview and we have chosen Lisa TerHaar to interview given her experience with the Geriatric population- which is our most at-risk population for COVID-19. With that, we will also help our audience to begin thinking about and discussing End of Life conversations. #elderlycare

We cannot forget to pass along additional options, materials, and supports if people are looking for additional recommendations from Lisa - our own go-to guru. #findoutmore Please see the PDF link below for her list:

Geriatric NP | Frontline Health Professional | Lisa TerHaar

Chronic Stress Expert, LCPC, NCC | Frontline Health Professional | Amy Pico

We asked Chronic Stress expert and Trauma|PTSD Therapist Amy Pico, for help understanding the unhealthy feelings popping up as we're social distancing, how to identify them as they're happening, and how to cope based on medical theory and practice. Get ready for better self-awareness and a newfound urgency to join-in on the virtual communities we're seeing pop up; they're doing you even more good than you think.

Sneak Preview:
Normally seeking connection support as a first line of defense, we are now isolated from this stage of coping, and may find ourselves moving into a secondary fight-or-flight coping method, or even a third mechanism: freeze. 

As a licensed practitioner Amy gives a great guide in understanding what surfaces while we're in our sympathetic vs. parasympathetic state, and the unconscious coping cycles we may find ourselves in. Together, Amy and Christa discuss how you can help yourself and others who are showing negative symptoms of prolonged stress (some that surprised us) 


Additional Resources:

1) On a National/State/Local level, are you aware of any steps or actions being taken to address the impact of this on our emotional health and well-being? 

-National suicide help lines: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org
-NAMI website (national alliance of mental illness), www.nami.org
-CDC article on basic and more specific symptoms and national contact info for help:

-Covid19 support subreddit, heavily moderated

-“Warm lines” for peer support: warmline.org for a state by state list. Not a crisis line, but people to talk to.

-University of IL website (check your local university mental health department for similar resources): https://psychology.illinois.edu/news/...

-https://www.weconnectrecovery.com free online support groups during the crisis

Chronic Stress expert and Trauma| & PTSD Therapist | Managing Prolonged Stress | Frontline Health Professional | Amy Pico LCPC, NCC
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