Jennifer Martin

Driven by an ardent desire to help the sick, my nursing career began earlier than most. College for me began my junior year of high school and I was a nurse by the age of 20.  Since then, my acute care nursing career has spanned the last 22 years including medical/surgical care, diabetes education, obstetrics, cardiac care, emergency nursing, and orthopedics.  I hold certifications in advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support.  I have also received advanced training from The American Academy of Functional Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

When I decided to become a nurse, I chose to dedicate myself to the care of others.  Over the last several years I have experienced a shift in mindset from a personal and professional standpoint. Taking care of patients using traditional medicine, only to watch them get sicker and sicker, and accepting the belief that there is nothing they can do to get well goes against all that I believe in.  In my heart, I knew that as a professional nurse I could do more, much more.  I am a critical thinker, teacher, motivator, and healer.  This, I believe, is the perfect conduit for helping others and driving change.  It is my personal mission to empower our community to take charge of their own health and re-think everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness. My dream is to assist the community to identify the underlying cause of disease and help them remove the obstacles that impede the body’s natural ability to heal.

Now that you know a little about me professionally, I’ll tell you a little bit about my life outside of nursing (is there such a thing?)  Learning is my passion, and I am always trying to learn more about myself and the people around me, which explains why I’m oddly obsessed with personality tests-Strength Finders and Enneagram are two of my favorites. I am a (recovering) endurance junky. I have run marathons, half marathons, and adventure races. I’ve since learned of equally beneficial ways to move my body to keep me healthy and fit!  I love anything outdoors. Some of my best memories are being in torrential rain storms in the Boundary Waters Canoe area and taking my kids on a 30-mile dog sledding expedition in subzero temperatures!  I welcome a challenge and do not shy away from cold, heat, rain or snow (I live in the Midwest after all!)  I love downhill skiing in the Rocky Mountains and cross-country skiing here in Minnesota.  I am deeply inspired by music and nature.  I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies and a deep thinker who loves to daydream.  One of my favorite quotes: “If you haven’t seen anything incredible today…go outside.”  Most importantly though, I want to be known as Brian’s wife, Camryn, Aidan, and Drew’s mom, and someone who used her strengths to make a little difference in this world.