Christa Rymal

I have worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years in emergency medicine, cardiac care, orthopedics, primary care, diabetes education and endocrinology. I have a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, Masters Degree in HealthCare Leadership, Advanced training from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Institute of Functional Medicine, and American Academy of Funtional Medicine.

It was during my time working as a diabetes nurse educator, followed by my role as Director of Diabetes Care and Endocrinology, that I was motivated to be a change agent in the way we treat and manage chronic disease. I was alarmed at the increased prevalence of diabetes and the complex nature and cost of managing the disease. I was inspired by those patients who became partners in their care and with the right support, education, and coaching were empowered to make lifestyle changes that resulted in improved health and happiness. After initiating a "Living Well with Diabetes" series of classes with a local culinary kitchen, where providers, patients, and family members participated in innovative disease management cooking classes, I was determined to bring the science and practice of lifestyle medicine to more people living with a chronic disease or aiming to prevent one. This was the starting point for my change in personal health, passion for lifestyle and functional medicine, and the turning point in my career in healthcare. I realize the important role that nurses serve as they speak the language of medicine, healing, and health.

After reaching out to those who have personally or professionally inspired my own journey to improved health, our dynamite "The Point" team of experts was created! Experts in lifestyle and functional medicine, but equally as important, experts in pursuing adventure, sharing laughter, providing support, encouraging greatness, and helping others achieve their personal goals! 

When I am not spending time at "The Point" you can find me spending time with my family and friends, watching our daughters basketball and soccer games, hiking, camping and canoeing in the Boundary Waters, downhill skiing, spending time on our farm, playing pickle ball, yoga, traveling, going to a music concert, cooking, or continuing to study all things related to health, fitness, nutrition, and functional/lifestyle medicine. 

Biggest life accomplishments - my 3 girls, living in small cabin in Fairbanks Alaska for 6 months, completing a triathlon, finishing the 3 day/60 mile breast cancer walk with 3 wonderful women, completing a 40 mile dogsled adventure in the Boundary waters with my business partner Jen and 3 of our daughters, and helping my dad write and publish his autobiography.

Next adventures and goals: traveling to Cuba with my husband and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with two of my dearest friends!