Lisa TerHaar

Lisa is a board-certified nurse practitioner, who has received functional medicine training with the Institute for Functional Medicine.  Most recently, she has attended trainings focused in the area of brain health and brain plasticity, focused on how to discover the root cause of neurologic symptoms and assist with creation of a personalized treatment plan.  Functional medicine evaluates the whole person by obtaining information about an individual’s genomics,  microbiome, nutrient status, hormone health, inflammation and toxic burden.  Most chronic diseases have multiple contributing factors that can be modified to achieve improved health.   

Lisa is passionate about helping individuals and families who have concerns about cognition. In preparation for this calling, she attended trainings with Dr. Bredesen and the IFM in December 2016 and March 2017. These trainings have provided Lisa with the credential to assess patient’s genetic predisposition for dementia, assess underlying root causes of cognitive changes, and create a personalized plan for preventing or reversing disease.

Having watched both of her parents struggle with complex medical issues in mid-life, including cognitive impairment, this calling is personal for Lisa, as well as professional. Since learning of successful interventions for the prevention and reversal of dementia, she is eager to put this information into actionable plans to help her family, as well as others to live more healthfully into their second half of life.