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Fire and Ice: Cold Thermogenesis and Heat Shock

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Join us for this Epic retreat to experience all the health benefits and hacks of Fire and Ice in a group setting with like minded people! Did you know Cold Thermogenesis can boost your metabolic rate and reduce inflammation and pain. It can also help you absorb more light and some halo types need cold for optimal health. Learn Wim Hof breathing to extended cold exposure and experience cold lake plunges, cross country skiiing, snow shoeing, and learn about cold thermogenesis protocols. 

Follow cold by the glow of a fire and heat of the sauna to detox your body, increase blood flow, and reduce cortisol. Heat Shock proteins are anti-aging and can increase muscle and reduce fat. Learn how to use sauna for longevity and performance, redlight photobiomodulation, and how to use light to overcome lack of sunlight in the winter. Fix Seasonal Affective Disorder the right way! 

During this retreat you will experience exquist and delicious primal meals created by our master Paleo chefs, stay in luxurious log cabins, and enjoy the beauty and peace of our quiet and snowy northwoods. 

Learn from Thaddues with Primalhacker and our soon to be announced line up of key note speakers how you can embrace the cold and benefit from the burn!

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Thaddeus Owen

Thaddeus is a self-experimenter with a passion for researching, testing, reviewing and providing actionable advice to others in the field of health, longevity, and cognitive enhancement.

Thaddeus believes that our indoor existence exposes us to more toxins, processed foods, and processed light than ever before. He believes we all should spend more time and money optimizing our environment for the most important operating system, our body and mind. Bringing together ancient techniques with appropriate technology, we can overcome our modern lifestyle.

Thaddeus is a chemical engineer and cofounder of an online platform designed to help others transform their health and break free of the current system. He also works full time as a Sustainability manager at Herman Miller. He spent 10 years developing pharmaceutical products and then changed directions to delve deep into environmental sustainability, nutrition, wellness and ultimately biohacking. He believes that natural sunlight is the most underrated nutrient for human health. You can find him @ Primalhacker.com and ErisFit.com


Nicolas Zahasky

An executive chef since 2002, Nic has launched, run and redeveloped restaurants and food-service programs in Nevada, California, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. He has cooked for many elite figures such as Madeline Albright, Micheal Pollan, Arun Gandhi, Wailin' Jennys, the King and Queen of Norway and Five for Fighting, along with independent contracting for the bullet proof executive himself, Dave Asprey.

In 2011, Nic retired from his executive chef role and left "the corporate lifestyle" to pursue self-training (and shortly after, training many others who sought him out) with functional fitness and Paleo nutrition. He began racing for the first time with this new-found energy, strength and passion, and began to consistently win national obstacle course races and competitions. Quickly becoming a public figure and personality for Paleo nutrition and ancestral health, he designed Cultivate in 2016 to bring more awareness and accessibility for ancestral nutrition, his Low-Impact model and functionally appropriate movement to the international stage.


Kara Zahasky

A graduate of the prestigious Nevada School of Massage Therapy in Las Vegas, Kara has been practicing massage therapy and elite spa services since 2001. Her services were sought out for the launch of Spa Orleans in the Orleans Hotel & Casino Spa, Las Vegas. Kara has a natural passion for design and has developed spa therapies and spaces for her own brands and has consulted for other brands. Through her natural entrepreneurialism and positivity, she has fostered relationships with luxury brands and global leaders in retail, wellness and networking.

Kara's intention is to provide relaxing, integrated therapies along with mindfulness practices for communities in need of relaxation and healing. Loving the trend and person attention that small, boutique spaces can offer, she and Nic launched Body by Cultivate's private studio where she spends her time offering nutrition coaching, mindfulness, inspiration and yoga to her local and online clients.