We invite you on an authentic adventure and journey towards a longer healthspan.

The Point is excited to announce our first travel retreat experience - our launch event will be held in Guatemala this spring 2022!
CMEs are available for healthcare professionals, but it is not required that guests have a healthcare background to join. We welcome anyone interested in adventure, healing burnout, improving their personal wellbeing and discovering purpose.
Expert facilitator and International retreat leader (+seasoned traveler in Guatemala) Dr. Corey Martin, will lead sessions inspired by The Center for Courage and Renewal, Brene Brown's Dare to Lead, and other thought leaders in burnout prevention and resilience. Christa Rymal, The Point Retreats Founder and CEO (+ seasoned international traveler) will lead sessions on managing stress and nutrition while traveling by applying heart math to regulate emotions and offering continuous glucose monitors to observe blood sugar trends. All sessions will be interactive and insightful. Importantly, and outside of these limited sessions, we will adventure, connect, explore the island, learn from the local culture, be challenged emotionally and physically.
Be amazed at the history, beauty, and sense of connection that surrounds you during this meaningful retreat to one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Nestled among three volcanoes, the colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala is a great place to see smoking volcanoes, ruins of the once-great Mayan civilization, and well-preserved Spanish architecture giving the city its enchanting and romantic atmosphere.
Join us with a desire to learn from others, explore ideas and opportunities, heal from burnout, and grow. Leave feeling ready to Rebel and Be Well.

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Date Mar 09 - 16, 2022

About This Retreat

On this retreat, you will reawaken your own sense of courage, connection, and adventure as you deeply experience all that Guatemala has to offer. Being in a land you aren’t familiar with gives you the profound opportunity to open your heart and mind to new perspectives and realities …especially as we approach our time there with humility, respect and curiosity for another culture. While in Guatemala you will experience the spirit, courage and resilience of its people and their culture. At first glance, this culture may seem so different than our own but during our time there, it will become obvious that we all share similar hopes and dreams for our families and communities. During the retreat, expert facilitators provide sessions inspired by the Center for Courage & Renewal and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ programs, as well as research from thought leaders in purposeful and resilient living. Coming together in large and small group sessions, you will have the opportunity to work with classic teachings, poetry, and personal stories to reflect on your own experiences as leaders, healers, and teachers. Each day you have opportunity to broaden your perspective by deeply understanding important ways to rejuvenate yourself and support the growth and development of others. We facilitate a trusted community where you find the safe space needed to examine important questions about relationship habits, mindset, and generosity in all aspects of your life. Surrounded by the beauty of Guatemala, you will work hard, be challenged, and leave feeling ready to take on new challenges.
Following this 1 week in-person retreat in Guatemala, we will offer six virtual meetings over nine months. During this time, expert facilitators will use a small cohort model to allow participants to continue to support the exploration and incorporation of the intentions they set while in person in Guatemala. The cost for the additional meetings is $500.
If have additional questions about this trip, please contact Corey Martin at Corey@BounceTravels.com or The Point team at info@thepointretreats.com

Experiential Wellness Highlights:

  • Freestyle Libre CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) with real time data will be included. Your CGM data will be evaluated and interpreted throughout your stay by Christa (CGM mailed 1 Week Prior for at-home insertion - 14 days total data).
  • Mariah, one of The Point Retreats Yoga Teachers will be onsite and available for daily yoga classes - offering several modalities (Full Stay)
  • Nutrition Education Course taught by lifestyle and functional medical expert, Christa, RN MSN - Sustainable & Healthy Food Lifestyle (Day 5)
  • Heartmath + Cacao Ceremony taught by Christa, Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach (Day 6)
  • More to come!
  • Accreditation Notices
    (AMA CMEs)
    AMA CME Credits are pending - updates expected early 2022. All Non-Physician Healthcare professionals should check with your licensing body to ensure they will accept AMA credits to apply to your CME and licensing requirements.

    *Please note all activities and presentations are optional, we respect your time and choices

    guest speakers

    Corey Martin, MD

    Christa Rymal

    Mariah Jorgensen