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Seven Steps to Stress Mastery: Body, Mind, and Soul

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The Speaker

Bill Cortright is an inspiring international speaker who has traveled the world to share his research and personal evolution on Stress Mastery.

Bill teaches audiences about the true widespread impact of stress and how it can effectively be addressed. The effects of stress have a drastic impact on:

  • Health
  • Focus
  • Productivity
  • Personal Growth
  • One’s State of Consciousness

Bill has linked his personal success in all areas of his life to one thing, the management of STRESS.

With over three decades of stress research, Bill shares his personal success story and teaches The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery which takes you from the science to the spirituality of stress management. The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery addresses the multitude of problems plaguing our world today which are linked to stress. A key element is understanding that stress is not bad or good, rather it is just a survival response that cannot be shut off, only managed.

Bill Cortright

International Key Note Speaker &
Best Selling Author

Bill shares the science of stress and how to easily manage this survival response. The audience will learn that once this response is managed, they will find optimal health, cease to procrastinate, get more done in less time with enhanced focus, set and achieve their goals, and find a greater state of peace. Once stress is understood, it can become mastered. Stress Mastery creates a shift in all Five Life Categories: Career, Finance, Health, Relationships, Personal/Spiritual Development.

Bill’s personal transformation, dynamic presentation and genuine caring will translate and delight the audience. If you are looking for a speaker that will deliver life transforming information to enhance any corporate venue, event, group, school, etc. Bill’s Stress Mastery talks do not disappoint.

The Author

Bill is an international best-selling author of several books, including his popular groundbreaking book, The Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program which sold over 160,000 copies worldwide. Bill's earlier works include, The Five Links of Permanent Weight Loss and The 30 Days to Change.

Bill's most recent bestselling title, TRUTH: The Ten-Minute Life Plan was Amazon's #1 bestseller in two categories. This book explores the science behind both stress and success, as well as the real reasons why we procrastinate and self-sabotage our personal growth. He shares how there is an opposing response to the Stress Response called the Pause - Plan Response, a powerful technique where we can find the willpower and discipline by connecting to what Bill calls the Green Zone.

Currently, Bill is working on his latest book, The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery. This book brings together Bill’s three decades of stress research. As Bill says, “Stress mastery is peace, where the outside circumstances of your life no longer affect your inner-being.”

Visit http://www.livingrightwithbillcortright.com/ for the latest books and program releases.

The Entrepreneur

Bill has been in the wellness and personal development field for 33-years. His career started off in the US Navy. He was awarded the sailor of quarter among other honors for his work in running the Primary Care and Family Practice Clinics at the Naval Hospital Great Lakes. Bill served as physician assistant to doctors, seeing military sick-call patients. This was the beginning of his medical research into stress and metabolism. Bill was also responsible for a large staff that grew his management skills.

Upon leaving the Navy, Bill worked in a medical clinic and became disenchanted as he viewed that medicine was being practiced within a re-active mode instead of pro-active mode that could create better wellness for patients. Bill then came up with the idea of mixing medical and fitness where he opened the very first personal training center in Miami Florida called Total Fitness Network. It was there he initially researched and created the Five Links of Health that still makes up his programs today.

During this time, Bill became the first health and fitness professional to work with active adults, ages 70's 80's and 90's. These experiences marked a new direction in his career. He saw the effects of exercise and nutrition as we age and how stress was tied into metabolism and hormones. As he worked with active adults, Bill continued to practice his new and innovative theories, and soon began promoting the management of the Stress Response as the cure of all metabolic problems. Once The Stress Response is managed, disease reverses and real weight loss occurs.

In 2002, Bill moved to Panama City, Panama, where he opened the first wellness-testing clinic in Latin America and the world.

It was in Panama where he brought medical and fitness together under one roof, working with up to 30 doctors. During this time, Bill's research intensified as he teamed up with Dr. Adriano Delgado a Harvard graduate endocrinologist, Dr. Norberto Calzada a top cardiologist, and Dr. Jorge Paz-Rodriguez, who opened The Stem Cell Institute. Bill was heavily involved with the early stem cell pioneers by providing the exercise and nutrition program for stem cell patients.

During this period, Bill had the opportunity to meet one of his mentors, Dr. William Evans, PH.D. from Tufts University. Bill introduced his program to Dr. Evans, who was the scientist behind The Ten Bio Markers of Aging. After obtaining Dr. Evan's seal of approval, Bill used Dr. Evan’s ten biomarkers within his Stress Mastery Response Diet program. This set an important milestone in the evolution of his new approach to measuring wellness.
Bill continued on to build similar clinics in Peru, then finished his ground-breaking book, The Stress Response Diet which sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

After launching The Stress Response Diet in 2009, Bill moved back to the United States and teamed up with a group of doctors to build a medical wellness program that worked within classic medical clinics and produced results of getting thousands of patients off medications while reversing disease.

 Living Right with Bill Cortright

Bill's latest company is based on his advanced theory of mastering stress. Stress is not subjective; it is an objective response that can be managed fully. The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery workshops, lectures, and products are geared toward mastering stress not just managing it. It is this mastery that creates balance in Career, Finance, Health, Relationships and Development. Bill created a distinct system called The Green Focus Management System that is geared toward managing stress and increasing focus while working. This allows an individual to get more done in less time without the anxiety of stress. Bill teaches this system within companies and at targeted events.

Living Right with Bill Cortright is also a company that is creating advance platforms for Life Coaching. Bill created a unique coaching program called Shift Coaching. Bill’s coaching clientele include high-end executives and entrepreneurs. He is currently creating a paid platform to open his coaching toward the masses.

The Stress Mastery Podcast

Bill’s podcast is currently being downloaded in 20-plus countries around the world. The Stress Mastery Podcast is geared toward helping people take control and enhance their lives by having a better understanding of how stress plays a role in body, mind and spirit. In each episode, Bill is teaching techniques and the most advanced coaching on stress management, health, focus, productivity and most importantly how to live a higher life.

Understanding Flow

Everything we do in life comes from a specific energy. Bill has mastered stress and teaches people and organizations how to leave being the force energies of stress and enter the energies of growth. This flow connection happens when Head, Heart and Had connect.


  • Head
    • Clarity
    • Plan – Goals
    • Wisdom
  • Heart
    • Purpose
    • Values
    • Imagination
  • Hand
    • Action
    • Service
    • Integrity


The Person

Bill grew up obese, starting his first diet at the age of nine. He lost 100 pounds three separate times. Diagnosed with diabetes, he shifted his focus toward becoming healthy and went on to lose 123 pounds and become a seven-time bodybuilding champion. This would drive him to study the body and its most intricate systems that affected metabolism. He discovered that it was the stress response which affects every metabolic process in the body.

With over three decades of research involving stress and its effects on our health, personal and spiritual development, Bill is a walking example of stress mastery. In his mid-fifties, Bill controls his diabetes without medication, has maintained his weight loss for 35-years and counting, and has the energy of someone half his age. More importantly, Bill works, lives, and plays in an energy of peace which he promises to anyone who masters stress can achieve.

Bill resides in Miami, Florida with his wife Linda, and two dogs Toby and Charlie. Bill is a big Green Bay Packer fan and attends several games a year. He has five children and two grandchildren.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @BillCortright



Facebook: The Stress Mastery Podcast

Bill Cortright's

Publications & Media:

The Five Links to Permanent Weight Loss - Book (2003)

The 30 Days to Change - Book (2007)

The Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program - Book (2009)

The NEW Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program - Book (2015)

The Ten Minute Life Plan (Amazon #1 Best Seller) - Book (2015)

The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery (Soon to be released)

Several International Magazine covers and articles Several Television Program in Panama and Peru

The Doctor and The Coach Radio Show AM 880 Wall Street Business Network THE BIZ

Other Regular shows in Panama PERUand Miami, FL.


Corporate Lecture Highlights:

Banesco Banks, Panama

Cable and Wireless Panama Banco General Panama

Procter & Gamble

Thunderbird Resorts, Panama, Costa Rica, Philippines & U.S.

Presidential Hotels, Peru

Caterpillar Company

Intercontinental Hotels

Northern Trust Banks


Dell Computers (2018)

ProtoLabs (2018)

Burger King Corporation

YPO Panama

Coca Cola Panama

Market America National Convention

Cundy Insurance

Telefonica M6viles Peru

Visanet Peru

Miami Dietetics Association

Hilton Worldwide

Mary Kay



Vistage International

Miami Beach Police Department



Elite health

Sample Weekend Agenda:


2:00p              Guests arrive

2:00-2:30p      Guests settle into rooms

2:30-3:30p      Introductions/Appetizers and Mocktails in Main Cabin

3:30-4:30p      Tour of Property

4:30-5:15p      Introduction to The Point Retreats and Bill

5:15-6:00p      Dinner

6:00-7:00p      Introduction to Stress Mastery and Connection

7:00-8:45p       Breakout Session: Deep Dive-Purpose, Values, And Beliefs

9:00-9:30p       Candlelight/Fireside Meditation with Lisa


7:00-8:00a      Workout: Garage or Outdoor cardio activity – Lead by Functional Fitness team OR

7:00 – 8:00a    Yoga lead by Lisa Somerville

8:00-9:00a      Breakfast Buffet

9:00-10:00a    Clean Up/ Break

9:30-10:00a    Continuous Glucose Monitor Education and Insertion for those who are interested

10:00-11:00a   Steps One and Two of Stress Mastery: Diet & Exercise- Understanding the Stress Response and How to Eat and Exercise for your physiology.

11:00-12:00p   Tribalization-We all have been programmed both good and a lot of bad. The Comfort Zone Cage that keeps us locked into bad habits, patterns, and the states we live in.

12:00-1:30p    Group A – HealthCare in the Kitchen with Chef Jeremy

Group B – 15 minute Tai Chi lead by Katie/Flow Connection-Head-Heart-Hand. Understanding the Energies and states we live in and how to connect to the higher states.

1:30-2:30p      Lunch

2:30-3:30p      Break: Read, paddle board, Sauna, kayak, walk, bike, pickle ball, nap

3:30-6:00p      Step Three of Stress Mastery is revealed “Name Your Ego.” It is this step where we begin to detach from negative energy that is disrupting our well-being and begin self-awareness. Step Four of Stress Mastery; “Let Go Technique.” It is in this step that we learn to surrender and release limiting beliefs and programs. Step Five of Stress Mastery-Green Focus Power Hour. It is this magical step that re-sets the operating system of our life. This one step can create miraculous change in as little as 30-days

6:00-7:30p      Group A – 15 minute Tai Chi lead by Katie/ Flow Connection-Head-Heart-Hand. Understanding the Energies and states we live in and how to connect to the higher states.

                        Group B – HealthCare in the Kitchen with Chef Jeremy               

7:30-8:30p      Dinner

8:30-9:00p      Campfire/Candlelight Meditation



7:00-8:00a      Workout: Garage or Outdoor cardio activity – Lead by Functional Fitness team OR

7:00 – 8:00a    Yoga lead by Lisa Somerville

8:00-9:00a      Breakfast Buffet

9:00-10:00a    Clean Up/Break

10:00-11:00     The WANTs. The Ego is held together by the four WANTs that are installed into our Cage during the Tribalization Process.

11:00-12:30p Step Six of Stress Mastery: Meditation. There is a lot written on meditation but in

                        this session, we will be bringing the science and methods that create the new

                        energy flow of higher consciousness. Simple techniques that can be done

                        anywhere. Step Seven of Stress Mastery is Finding the Now. Stress Mastery is

                        living the connection of Flow and the Head-Heart-Hand.

12:30-1:00p     Close Q&A-Climbers Community

1:00-2:00p       To Go Lunch, Pack Up, and Departure





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