It's an intimate, warm setting. It's not your typical, sit at a table and stare at a screen. It's very interactive and comfortable. When you go into a CME you do want to come away with new knowledge, 'what can I bring back to my practice; how can I change or improve on the way that I'm doing things?' and with the level of expertise of the speakers, and with the information they give, they (The Point) have that.

Dr. Kristin Lockhart

Family Physician at HealthEast

The MOST exotic, excellent, and delicious food I have ever had!

Hilda Labrada Gore

Weston A. Price Foundation Podcaster

What Christa Rymal and her team are doing at The Point in Minnesota is attempting to disrupt an industrial complex of continued education with a place, an idea, and a vision for what this could be. I have so much respect for her mission of making experiential continuing education a reality. Talk about it and then LIVE it!

Dr. Ben House

Certified Functional Medicine Clinician, PhD Nutritionist, Owner of Flo Retreat Center in Costa Rica

In June of 2018 I was incredibly fortunate to be invited as a special guest to The Point Retreat for a “Stress Mastery” themed weekend.

Upon arrival I was stunned by the incredible and beautiful property. I learned it was full of a rich historical and family history, that was being honored and preserved. 

I immediately felt like I had arrived somewhere special, even sacred. 

Especially since Christa and The Point Retreat team went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, and instantly at home. The staff worked together all weekend to serve the group, and create an atmosphere of pure love, comfort and relaxation, that truly helped me take full advantage of all that was being offered.

In addition, I was able to enjoy all of The Point’s amenities and activities. Such as the barrel sauna, morning yoga, guided meditation sessions, a full workout studio with Certified Personal Trainers providing circuit style led workouts, private beaches, fishing, boating, fire pit, and an on site personal Chef who prepared all of our meals with in an “open kitchen” setting. Providing several opportunities to help, ask questions, and learn some amazing recipes and invaluable cooking skills.

The majority of the educational content of the weekend was provided by the Guest Speaker, Bill Cortright. He gave lecture/interactive sessions on the topic of stress mastery. The intimate setting seemed to only enrich the experience and help me to be able to fully relax and immerse myself in all that was being offered, and take it all in.  

I would HIGHLY recommend The Point Retreat. My experience there had an amazing impact on my life, and I cannot say enough about the detailed and loving way Christa and her staff lead the retreat. I truly hope to get the opportunity to go back there again someday.

Mandi Holden 

Anytime Fitness Gym Manager

I was not sure what I was getting into when I accepted the first invitation to the Points Retreat in Mid Oct 2017. Upon arrival, I was intrigued by the diverse specialties of the attendees. We were a group of nutritionists, fitness trainers, physical therapists, naturopathic providers, primary care providers, endocrinologists, meditation expert and nursing staff. What unfolded over the next two days was sheer poetry - a dawn that is welcomed by fitness instructors, a day packed with sharing of ideas and experiences that enriched each other, and times of rest in between with meditation and solitude. As if this was not enough, we got to prepare exquisite nutritious meals under the diligent watch of Chef Jeremy. As the evening came, our enthusiasm for learning and sharing continued and we left as deeper friends who share the one common passion of improving lives and health from the inside out.

Dr. Elizabeth Haglind

Endocrinologist at Endocrinology Clinic of Minneapolis

Such a beautiful healthy space with joy and the feeling of great love infused throughout the entire property!

Rebecca Ratte

Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Certified Trainer

The Point Professional Retreat exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The team poured their heart and souls into this event and the outcome blew our minds. The location is beautiful as ever, the content was all incredible information, the team was so accommodating, the food was out of this world, the workouts invigorating, and the meditation and sauna were thoroughly enjoyed! Our brain, hearts, and tummy’s were full after a fun weekend of networking, learning, and relaxing.

Jon and Heather Godfrey

Owner Godfrey Chiropractic and Wellness and Vital Fit Club

As a pastor, my passion is to help people love God and love others well.  To do that well, we must BE WELL.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Relationally.  Spiritually.  That’s why I’m so excited about The Point Retreats.  As one who has experienced the beauty of the property and buildings, the warmth and hospitality of the hosts, and the wisdom and expertise of the teachers, I can’t think of a better retreat to recommend.  You will walk away better! 

Pastor Phil Print

Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church (Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Eagan, Hastings)