Rebecca Ratte Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki 2 Certified Trainer

Such a beautiful healthy space with joy and the feeling of great love infused throughout the entire property.

Hilda Labrada Gore Weston A. Price Foundation Podcaster

The most exotic, excellent, and delicious food I have ever had! 

Dr. Bill Manahan Family Medicine Doctor and Chair of the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group

Thank you to The Point Retreats for promoting community, nature, renewal, hope, and health! I honor your ability to put on a conference, be present for everyone, have fabulous staff, give wonderful introductions, feel comfortable in what you are doing, AND making the world a better place. I love competency and you are a ten on a scale of 1 to 10!

Dr. Paul Ratte Naturopath and Owner of Rhythm of Health

3 words to describe my experience at The Point Retreats; Wonder, Unique, and Inspiring and you never really know someone until you prepare a meal with them!

Jon and Heather Godfrey Owner Godfrey Chiropractic and Wellness and Vital Fit Club

The  Point Professional Retreat exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The team poured their heart and souls into this event and the outcome blew our minds. The location is beautiful as ever, the content was all incredible information, the team was so accommodating, the food was out of this world, the workouts invigorating, and the meditation and sauna were thoroughly enjoyed! Our brain, hearts, and tummy‚Äôs were full after a fun weekend of networking, learning, and relaxing.