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Personalized Modern Medicine & Education in a Retreat Setting

Locations Vary From Midwest, United States to Global


  • Unforgettable Agenda Experiences - Unique Wellness and Entertainment Opportunities

  • Health Wearables (e.g., CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitors)

  • Blood Panel at a Certified Medical Facility Local to You

  • Certifiable Education by Licensed Experts in the Medical Field

  • Review Personal Health Analytics in Group Settings and 1-on-1 with Physicians and RN Staff

  • 5 Star Healthy and Community focused Meals (All)

  • Organic, Sustainable Coffees, Wines, and Other Beverages

  • Lodging at Exquisite and Rotating Venues with the Choice of a Private or Shared Sleeping Space

  • Free time to Explore & Experience Additional Wellness Amenities and A la Carte Services (Massage +)