The Point Retreats is situated roughly 30 minutes outside Brainerd, MN and just a few miles outside Pequot Lakes, MN. The property’s peninsula boasts over 1500 feet of stunning shoreline spanning 3 lakes on the whitefish chain of lakes.

The inspiration for our healthy lifestyle retreats and vacations comes from deep within as we seek to honor, respect, and carry on the legacy of life changing moments on our property.

My family has owned this beautiful property for over 30 years. Everything you see and experience was built and designed with deep intention and local artist’s hands.

Two families who love the same chain of lakes now share ownership of the beautiful Point peninsula. Our families have known one another for over a decade, our family cabins are on the same lake, and our kiddos go to the same school. Family friendship has been in existence for many years but what made Chuck and me decide to lock arms and partner up at The Point?

Chuck and I are both purpose driven leaders who share a strong desire to lead others to optimal health and well-being. We want to lead people to a health span full of promise and a life span full of purpose!

The nurse in me is always driven to care for those who seek health and the philanthropic heart in Chuck is always looking for opportunities to invest in others.

As two purpose driven partners, we want to give the gift of health on The Point peninsula.

-Chuck Runyon and Christa Rymal